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Defining at primary inspection a state of health, physical development and readiness prior to occupations, the doctor solves, whether it is possible to allow surveyed to occupations, to which, with what loading, etc.

In the diary it is also necessary to note cases violation of the mode and how they are reflected in occupations and the general working capacity. Treat objective indicators of self-checking: supervision over the heart rate (pulse), arterial pressure, breath, vital capacity of lungs, weight, muscular force, sports results.

Appetite after moderate physical activities also has to be good. Is right after occupations it is not recommended, it is better to wait 30-60 minutes. For a satisfying of thirst it is necessary to drink a glass of mineral water or tea.

Medical control of physical training is provided with all network of treatment-and-prophylactic healthcare institutions under the methodical and organizational management of medical and sports clinics. Together with the organizations which are carrying out physical training, medical and sports clinics plan all actions for medical control for a territorial and production sign.

Palpation is based on receiving tactile feelings about a form, volume of the studied parts of a body or the studied fabric. Determine by this method physical properties, size, features of a surface, density, mobility, sensitivity and so on.

At a normal state of the person all his bodies and systems function most correctly, according to living conditions. Activity of all bodies is interconnected, coordinated and represents uniform difficult process. All organism in general expediently and effectively adapts to change of conditions, strengthening of the mode of activity, and differs in the high level of capacity, including physical working capacity.

Change of weight to 10% is regulated by physical exercises, to restrictions in consumption of carbohydrates. At surplus of weight over 10% it is necessary to create a strict food allowance in addition to physical activities.

At exercises it is important to watch body weight. It is also necessary how to watch pulse or arterial pressure. Indicators of body weight are one of fitness signs. For determination of normal body weight various ways, so-called rosto-weight indexes are used. Brock's index is widely put into practice. Normal body weight for people of 155-156 centimeters in height is equal to body length in see from which subtract figure 100; at 165-175 - 105; and with a height more than 175 cm - more than 11

All listed features characterize a state of health as an optimum level of activity of an organism and adaptability to changes of the environment and loading, and also resistance to various influences.

Conducting repeated examinations, he watches on changes of health, physical development and readiness correctness, efficiency of the course of a physical education. Control of a state surveyed to consider influence of occupations by physical exercises.