6 Tools To Workplace Diversity

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The manager has to be courageous. He will always try to find a new way to carry out a task only because this way is better. But it never does it unreasonable. If he allows someone to make experiment and that will terminate in failure, he will not lay blame on it and will not lose in it faith.

- to tell it when they are right and when they are wrong. To be honest is an ability to recognize the mistakes. It is not always easy to tell the truth, without having restrained feeling of others and without having seemed tactless, but honesty in interests of general welfare - firm and its employees - always has to be above all.

The term the manager is treated quite widely therefore any his definition will be insufficiently full. With some extent of approach it is possible to tell that the manager is a person who makes system of the routine and advance planning, forecasting and orientation of production, product sales and services for the purpose of receiving profit. In other words, the manager – the person planning organization, motivation and control of production for the maximum fast achievement of the objectives.

The manager is tactful and attentive. Basic principle: to criticize work, but not the person, it carrying out. One wise man told that each critical remark needs to be packed as sandwich - between two chunks of praise.

The manager is consecutive and modest. It does not need flattery of people around, besides he should not hide the mistakes. The manager has to be a mentor. It helps the subordinates to develop with itself(himself) confidence, love to people, ambition, enthusiasm, honesty, steadiness and determination.

The manager loves people. If work of the manager consists in management of people as he can carry out it well if does not love people. The best managers care of the employees. Interests them that do others. The good manager is available and does not hide behind an office door. The best Managers are human, they realize own weaknesses that does them more tolerant to weaknesses of others.

The manager has to be the leader, worthy imitations. The main task of the manager - to do serious work by means of other people, to achieve collective work. It means cooperation, but not intimidation. The good manager also interests of all firm always worry. He seeks to balance interest of group, interests of the boss and other managers, need of performance of work with need to find time for training, production interests with human wants of subordinates.

Justice - too important line of the manager. For example, if the employee receives an extra charge, and he made nothing that to deserve it, you, possibly will have ten dissatisfied. When the subordinate makes a mistake, he needs to point to it, he has to recognize it, and then it is necessary to forget about it.