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You need to write a character description

The substantial description of matrix models is provided in Part of 1 Management. Here only for confirmation of usefulness of carrying out the portfolio analysis we will note that according to research among one thousand leading firms of the USA 36% of the firms entering the first thousand and 45% entering into the first five hundred largest enterprises in a varying degree applied these methods. Thus for 14% of these firms these methods were one of the main instruments of management. Research also showed that the firms applying methods of the analysis of a portfolio had more accurately expressed orientation to strategic objectives as, according to the Portfolio methods - the analysis are based on:

Shows ability of the enterprise to provide the sufficient volume of profit in relation to fixed assets of the company. Than value of this coefficient is higher, especially fixed assets are effectively used.

Public relations - the stimulation of demand for goods or service which is not paid in a special way through the room of commercially important information in the corresponding editions or carrying out favorable presentations on radio and television.

Means for input of the actual information on the course of implementation of the project are provided in Project Expert. Actual information can is entered monthly. On the basis of the entered actual information and the plan the report on mismatches of planned and actual information which can be used in process of management of the project is formed.

Development and implementation of projects of the enterprise assumes not only existence of financial opportunities, but also a personnel component, i.e. the qualified employees capable to execute the project. And also existence at the enterprise of the necessary equipment and information.