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Introduction of intensive technology and technical re-equipment of agriculture which is directed on increase in labor productivity, is connected with broad use of equipment, re-equipment of separate bodies of cars, application of new workers of bodies and various chemical means. All this imposes additional requirements to observance of safety regulations, sanitation and labor protection.

Productivity of barley was influenced positively by all systems of fertilizers, however more big crop was provided by mineral system of fertilizer, both on the first background, and on the second background. It should be noted that barley in comparison with potatoes appeared more sympathetic on the high maintenance of a humus in the soil since on a background the 2nd productivity of barley in all options is higher, than on a background

Primary instructing on a workplace is carried out with each worker individually with practical display of safe receptions and methods of work. Repeated instructing is carried out for the purpose of check and increase of level of knowledge of rules and instructions on labor protection individually.

The current instructing is carried out with workers before works on which the work permit is issued. Carrying out the current instructing is fixed in the work permit on works. Knowledge received when instructing, the workers instructing check.

The analysis of economic efficiency of various systems of fertilizers showed that product cost on all three systems of fertilizers is lower, than in option without fertilizers, especially on a background 2 on which also higher profitability is received.