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In this regard the structure of management has to cover all life cycle of the produced equipment – marketing, design, production, repair, providing with spare parts and other service before decrease in scrap metal. It is necessary to recognize that a problem of satisfaction of need of a national economy for certain types of production completely lays down on the producer. And to reach it, certain changes in production structure of the manufacturing enterprises are necessary.

Therefore, in structure of the enterprises and their associations specialized plants, in particular, of the special tool and industrial equipment () and have to be provided mechanical-repair (RMZ); for carrying out installation and construction works – the repair and construction managements (RCM) which are urged to provide high quality of repair and construction.

Any organizational and production structure of the enterprise has to provide the existence and development, to pass through itself and to exchange three streams with environment: energy, substance, information.

Marketing use radically changes the concept of management in the enterprises where as fundamental there is not the general production management, but management of production economic activity of the enterprise for development, production and product sales (to an usl according to a market demand for it in general.

At creation (or improvement) opganizatsionny structure of business management a necessary condition of its efficiency is balance on each workplace, and first of all in the management personnel of system and means necessary and these functions, sufficient for performance. In other words, balance means that the functions which are not provided with means for their performance should not be given to any workplace and, at the same time, there should not be means which are not connected with this or that function.

Marketing as system consists of set of the following elements: purposes, principles, functions, methods, internal and environment, marketing complex. Marketing use as the operating system assumes research of opportunities of continuous reduction of elements of uncertainty and risk in estimates, decisions and actions.

The complex research center (institute) will organize research and development of new production, technological preparation of its production, develops progressive technology, means of mechanization and automation of productions, makes the current and long-term plans of development of capacities of modernization and reconstruction of production facilities.

It is necessary to bring constantly home of all workers that marketing does not belong only to sales of products, and in a root changes all control system, and focuses each service and each worker on achievement of an ultimate goal of the enterprise.

Therefore, the control system of any enterprise has to be under construction according to these stages of life cycle of production, and the leading place in a control system has to be allocated for services of marketing.

The scheme of such structure is obliged to reflect ways of the free movement of all three specified streams. Thus structural divisions in the organization (departments, services, etc.) have to arise quite naturally there and only where it is necessary to transform these streams to other quantitative or qualitative information (form).

Services of marketing have to have steady and close straight lines and feedback with all other divisions of the enterprise and to have on them continuous impact unconditional implementation of requirements of consumers to quality, a functional purpose and other consumer properties of production, its production in the volume, necessary for the market, and the range was provided; modern and high-quality firm service; achievement of the planned profit volume.

Successful functioning of marketing service of the enterprise assumes complex activity of the economic, monetary, planning, technical and production, marketing and research character that predetermines high requirements to the level of theoretical preparation of the personnel of this service.