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In case of non-performance at least of one of points of check of the specified technology, the control unit of density of the brake highway of the train is considered faulty and is subject to removal from the locomotive and its replacement on serviceable and adjusted.

For check of the K1 relay to short-circuit the U66 diode and between contacts of AB, V8 of the X2 socket to connect the power supply of a direct current. Smoothly increasing tension to an attraction of an anchor of the K1 relay to be convinced that its size does not exceed 35 V. Plavno reducing tension before falling away of an anchor of the K1 relay to be convinced that its size not less, than 5 V;

For check of density of the valve to zapitytat the electromagnet coil, to turn out a whistle and to obmylit a carving opening. Formation of a soap bubble with its deduction is allowed not less than 4 seconds. At the insufficient density to replace the valve. After check to screw a whistle on the place.

The choice of the equipment and hoisting-and-transport means is made according to Requirements of the capital hoisting-and-transport, machine and processing equipment, stands, adaptations for maintenance of locomotives and MVPS.

Gap between the attracted anchor and the core which is defined by a gap of an anti-magnetic pin. it is measured by the probe at the pressed anchor. Thickness of the probe corresponds to the smallest height of a pin, the probe has to leave a gap freely. The gap at the REM3-M. relays used in L168 blocks is regulated by a deflection of the central part of an anchor. Reduction of a gap reduces falling away tension and vice versa. Lack of a pin or insufficient its height I can lead to sticking of an anchor;

On socket entrances serially to give voltage of +50 V, to fix short-term emergence of short circuit between contacts of A1 and A2 of the X2 socket. After that on X1 socket entrances, except C7 serially to give voltage of-50 V and also to fix short-term short circuit between contacts of A1, A2 of the X2 socket; for check of an entrance of C7 to disconnect tension of +50 Century. To carry out similar tests at an entrance tension of 35 and 100 Century.

Check and adjustment of contact pressing, and also pressing persistent plates, insulating level of an anchor, etc. are carried out only after adjustment of the course, solution and a failure of contacts. Pressing is measured by the gram gage and are regulated by bending of contact springs at their basis.

To check operation of the Limit and Record buttons of the BEO block. When pressing the button there should not be a jamming of buttons. During the jammings, damages - to replace buttons. Weakening of fastening of buttons is not allowed.

On a stop watch to determine time of an otpuskaniye of the relay K It is time has to be in limits (5 seconds. After an otpuskaniye of the K1 relay the lamp of N has to light up again. Measurement of time of an otpuskaniye of the K1 relay has to be performed at change of the feeding tension on + _5 Century.

The course of contact of the relay consists of solution and a failure. The failure of contact is an additional joint course of a mobile and not mobile spring after their contact at short circuit of contacts. The failure at the relay is measured by a gap between an emphasis and a contact spring at the closed contact in that place where the spring leans on a persistent plate. The failure is regulated by bending of a persistent plate.

On one of X1 socket exits, except C7 to alternate connection of tension of +50 and-50 Century to frequency about 2 times of 1 page. Between contacts of A1, A2 of the X2 socket to fix emergence of short circuit only on 1-2 first switchings, at the subsequent break has to be fixed. Between contacts of A3, A4 of the X2 socket after the first connection of tension and at the subsequent switchings - break.