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Packing creation — is part of planning of production during which the firm studies, develops and makes the packing including container in which production, a label and inserts is located.

Then the firm has to choose the size, color and a form. At a choice of the sizes it is necessary to consider the storage period, convenience, traditions and the competition. The place, the contents and the size of a label and also as far as it has to be allocated have to be also defined. On it names of the company and brand of goods have to be specified.

The design of packing has to influence an image which the firm looks for for the production. Color, a form, materials — all this influences ideas of consumers of firm and its production. Simpler packing creates an image of more poor quality of goods of the general brands.

Color — this elementary and cheap means for a product variation. of flowers and shades is vast. In the world about 2800 of flowers are, and all is totaled by more than 7,5 million various flowers and shades. The choice of color is defined by material and some other factors.

Quality management — this management of technological processes, different detection of discrepancies in production, production or the quality system and elimination not only the revealed discrepancies, but also the reasons of their emergence.

Apparently, the general full scheme of development of goods has to ­ from start of new goods in the production program of the enterprise — an innovation which includes search of ideas of new goods, their selection and the analysis, and also development of the concept of a product.

Ensuring quality, according to the ISO-9000 standard, it is possible to define as set of the planned and systematically carried out creating necessary conditions for performance of each stage of life cycle of goods so that production met certain requirements for quality.

The form of a product is connected as with the main, and additional. From additional qualities the major are the product esthetics. The theory claims that the convenient for an eye and covered by small number of the movements image is the most esthetic. Forms have to consist of the simple, coordinated, whenever possible symmetric lines and elements.

The perception of a form is influenced by identity and taste ­, traditions (familiar forms are perceived, and also an environment (in the environment corresponding to their functions, products make the best esthetic action. Also the fashion has strong impact.

More detailed study of the specified blocks of a marketing is presented in figure 1, however the methodological approaches given in this research have fragmentary character and are convenient at an only on concrete blocks of the general scheme of development of new goods. Therefore the latest work does not contain the general integrated scheme of development of new goods, in general.

Depends on information received during trial marketing, whether the new goods in mass production will be started. In case of the positive decision the project enters the following phase of commercialization, or removal of goods on the market.

Quality improvement — is continuous administrative activity the directed on increase of a technological level of production, a of its production, improvement of elements of production and the quality system of the enterprise.