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Thus, tourism will be able to develop only at rational use of natural resources. Environment protection and conservation – natural allies of the industry of tourism. Both the leading ecologists, and heads of tourist business agree with it. They consider that tourism will use the growing potential in interests of conservation and environment at world level. Today the problem of further development of tourism is formed as minimizing of its negative impact on Wednesday around.

Tourism and transport mutually influence development of each other, factors of time and convenience win over a price factor, therefore against the fast aviation and the most available (at the destination and infrastructures automobile considerably advance cheaper water and railway.

The purpose of the real work – to develop optimum round in Baikalsk the region for foreign tourists on the basis of theoretical recommendations, using the unique tourist capacity of the Baikal region.

In foreign tourism, as well as in tourism in general, a tourist's product the package of services which is satisfying to needs of potential clients, in this case – foreign tourists is, during their foreign travel and subject to payment in them. It is a complex of hotel, transport, excursion, translation, various household and municipal, medical, intermediary and other services.

But the similar description of the tourist industry is incomplete, more precisely even to tell the unilateral. Impressive quantitative indices of tourism create certain "wellbeing illusion". But if to make the qualitative analysis, also other characteristics of this branch open.

Key factor at research of the market (in any branch) is the consumer, and in tourism especially as the tourist enterprises sell tourist services which are (by definition) the large segment of a services sector providing satisfaction of needs of people and realization of their activity in free time.

According to all available data from the WTO in the international tourism it is observed such tendencies as: sharply increased demand for cruise trips, the increasing demand for trips according to programs for pensioners, reduction of demand on "rest by the sea" in favor of tourism according to specialized programs and ecological tourism.

Over the last ten years the industry of tourism was created and gained recognition as the world's largest field of activity on rendering services. It became possible as a result of broader opening of borders between the states, emergence in the population of additional resources, developments of infrastructure of transport. All this allowed to make travel the mass phenomenon, to change the relation to the tourist trips which turned from a luxury element into a factor of everyday life, and then the countries understood an economic benefit of development of this branch. Transportations, accommodation, food, an entertainment complex, the structures of public and individual safety perceived earlier as independent types of service, nowadays became components of a uniform complex of tourism.

Research problems: to prove efficiency of tourism for economic development of the countries, to prove need of development of entrance tourism, to prove prospects of development of the Baikal region as tourist center, to develop attractive to tourists and a tourist's product, profitable for the tourist company, using the capacity of the Baikal region.

This branch, difficult on the structure which is the catalyst of economic development can provide high quality of life of people on the basis of ecologically expedient environmental management. And already it is possible to speak about need of transition to a sustainable development of tourism with corresponding changes in all components of the tourist industry. As separate branch tourism is subject to processes characteristic for all world economy: to specialization deepening, increase of processes of concentration, transition to new technologies. Rationally using historical and cultural monuments in combination with natural resources, the international tourism promotes increase of an employment rate of the population, stimulates increase in production of many goods and services.