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As we see, in our case, the company it was succeeded to set truly the objects and to adhere to the chosen direction about what speaks to us both the taken market size (more than 80% of sales of operating systems in the world are the share of Microsoft), and the capital of the holder of a controlling stake (Bill Gates's condition is at the moment estimated more than on 85 billion dollar. Such episode is remarkable: at annual meeting of the largest partners of Microsoft occupied with sale of its production (too after all buyers, in some sense, and the money literally making on buyers), Bill Gates is welcomed standing a prolonged applause. Because from twenty thousand such partners five thousand – millionaires. In my opinion rather bright indicator of that the objects were set correctly.

 our days the name of Microsoft is known to everyone and already rather managed to set the teeth on edge. Generally this word is used together with very unflattering reviews of the products made by this company. However let merits and demerits of production are judged by experts and experts, I suggest to consider this company not as the spiteful monster monopolist who is throwing out not rolled production on the market, and to sort it from the point of view of management. In the essay I will try to reveal mission of this company, its purpose and strategy, and, in process of the opportunities, I will try to understand, why it so.

Let's sum up the results. So, Microsoft. Mission - leadership among producers of the software. The purposes – receiving profit, increase in a share of the market, accumulation of enterprise capacities, development of new production. What strategy are applied by the company to achievement of goals? In my opinion, the combination from strategy of the concentrated growth and strategy of diversified growth most fully describes strategy of Microsoft as they are described by F. Kotler.

Really, the matrix quite successfully depicts to us a situation in the market and a position of the company on it. But would be a mistake to be based only on these data for definition of strategy of the company as there is still a number of the parameters which are not finding reflection in this matrix.

That is, the company at the same time wins the best positions in the market with already available product, develops the market and a product, uses potential opportunities of firm for production of new products, extends due to production technologically not of the connected products and search of the new markets. Undoubtedly, at strategy of the company there are elements and other strategy, but these two, in my opinion, dominating

Correctly to define mission and the purpose of the company it is necessary to be aware of requirements and values at once of four groups of people: suppliers, shareholders, employees of the company and, of course, buyers. In our case it is possible not to take group of suppliers into account: Microsoft in this sense can compare to the oil-extracting company – who delivers oil in a well? And Microsoft, scoops ideas from air, the earth or water – for certain it is not known.